Jewelry Production Seminar

Jewelry Production Seminar


This is a private class.

We have a capacity of 1-2 people if you would like to arrange for a small group.

Please email to set up a time:

Detailed Info:

$100.00 / 3-4 hours

A special class that covers helpful pointers it took years for me to gather. In this session jewelers will learn how to develop their designs into a smart line of jewelry for production. We will talk about small scale production in a studio and the benefits of outsourcing work and materials locally and nationally. Students will learn about production resources, wholesale and retail pricing, product photography, line sheets, looks books and effective ways to approach stores. We will also cover how to get involved with professional trade shows and pick the right one for you!
Before the end of class we will have time to collectively look at each students work and provide both technical and aesthetic advice.

Capacity: 2 people


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