Bracelet Wax Carving Workshop

Bracelet Wax Carving Workshop


This is a private class.

We have a capacity of 1-2 people if you would like to arrange for a small group.

Please email to set up a time:

Detailed Info:

$300.00 / 8 hours (2 classes 6 hours in total)

In this 2 part class we will cover the basics of wax carving by creating a one-of-a-kind bracelet. Wax is a widely used material in our trade and opens up endless opportunities for designs. Here you will learn the in's and out's of the casting process and be introduced to carving, adding texture, and finishing techniques while working on a wax prototype. Sketch a few simple designs before class and together we will discuss how to actualize one of the bracelets with the skills you learn.  After completing the design in our first class the bracelet will be sent to a casting facility in New York City. During the two week break a mold will be made of your design along with a wax copy and a sterling silver casting. During the second phase of our class students will receive a mold, wax copy and learn how to finish their individual casting (materials included). Additional fee for extra large designs and casting multiple bracelets.

Capacity: 2 people

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